$300 bucks if you sign up here to drive for Uber this weekend


Driving Uber – a Great Job for Women or Men

Furthermore on 5/7/2015 Uber increased invite rewards
in Monterey, Carmel and Santa Cruz CA to $300!

Sign up using this link: GET.UBER.COM/DRIVE/?INVITE_CODE=DO160

I will mentor you through your 20th trip and answer your question just like my friend helped me.

After you drive your 20th trip eureka, we both  receive a cash reward of $300 dropped into our bank accounts.

I will mentor you through your first 20 rides to help give you the tools and confidence you need succeed at Uber. In fact, why not exceed your wildest expectations? I did.

My first ride was my hardest ride. I was on unfamiliar roads and the passenger I picked up was tired and curt. I forgot to turn on the start ride meter on the Uber app and he didn’t like Uber’s chosen GPS  route. As a woman I was a bit afraid to be driving out of town on that long lonesome road with a total stranger. I got him home. It didn’t flow, he wasn’t very nice and I’m pretty sure my first rating was a 2.0 out of 5.0 at best. I’ve learned a lot since then.

Lucky my Uber mentor and dear friend Marty calmed me down and showed me the ropes or I might have quit after my first ride. In fact, a certain percentage of people never get to their 20th ride because of a variety reasons.

About a month later I finished my 20th ride although now I can do 20 rides a day. By this time I have done hundreds and hundreds of great rides and met new friends and I consistently more than triple the average Uber driver’s hourly wage according to Uber’s own records as captured in the link to a blog where I discuss how.

Happy Driving!