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Mimi Peleg

My Uber Years

Mimi Peleg, Executive Director

I am a successful part time driver, full time observer of human nature and generally I love learning new things and meeting new people.

I started driving after a couple false starts at jobs that would have left me feeling useless even if I had succeeded. It was time for drastic changes. My first Uber Mentor was a good friend I watched drive away on his first Uber trip. He returned full of confidence and inspired me to try too. Aside from Uber he has now opened a successful business with a wonderful goal – keeping people from getting ripped off by locksmith scams: Lock Aware if you ever need an honest locksmith or if you yourself are an honest locksmith looking for referrals – I trust his guy.

My Uber Mentor gave me the courage to walk onto a lot in Culver City and buy a brand new Prius V. It is a beautiful Prius and my first new car – quite a gamble for someone unemployed. I pay for ALL of it plus the insurance and gas driving part-time for Uber 4 days a month – the rest of the days I drive are pure profit.

It took me a long time to get used to driving the Prius, I was scared of all the gadgets I’d never seen on a car before. It took me an even longer time to get up the courage to turn on the meter and take my first Uber ride. In fact, I never drove in LA it was simply too intimidating for me. I made my way up to Santa Cruz, CA – my second home sweet home – and began driving in a place where I knew all the roads and even knew how they used to look before the earthquake.

Still, like all new Uber drivers I made some basic mistakes. Today I’m ready to help you avoid them and to help new drivers get over being scared by learning some quick tricks that are easy and legal. These thoughts started piling up in my head so 6 months later I dusted off a cool old domain I bought in the 1990’s and called my talented buddy Rasa of Pelorian Digital and viola he first designed a very cool logo of me in my car and then he built the WordPress site.

Crazy things happen while driving especially to women drivers. I say crazy not dangerous. I have a good hunch for defending myself perhaps stemming from my years as a foot soldier in the IDF. I’ll share those stories here. Sometimes products for us drivers are too good to keep to myself (I know the world’s best deodorizer and it costs practically nothing) and I’ll be sharing other stuff here too.

Mostly important, thanks for reading and contributing and Uber on!

My Uber Life as Mom and Webmaster Outside of Uber

I am also a webmaster: my most recent project is: www.worldmarketbazaar.com

I am an Israeli/American and I earned my BA in Sociology from U.C. Berkeley in 1993 where I focused on quantification and organizational sociology.

In Israel I worked for both HP and Check Point as a Technical Writer working in the field of network security. I was also a Contract CRA for the MAPS for their MDMA/PTSD clinical trial at Beer Yackov Mental Hospital in Israel and I served as Director of Large Scale Cannabis Training for MECHKAR, in Arbarbanel Mental Hospital Bat Yam for 5+ years. Eventually this position was replaced by doctors and nurses which is a good thing.

Prior to moving to Israel I held a variety of computing positions at the University of California, Santa Cruz and served as Office Manager the Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana. I also co-authored (with the late great Robert Anton Wilson) Everything Is Under Control: Conspiracies, Cults, and Cover-Ups and “The Ladder” a self-help book for inner peace with Atty. Galia Halfi.

I am the proud wife of brilliant Activist, Author and Translator Dana Peleg (danagpeleg.com) and we are parents to our now ten year old son: Boaz Wilde Peleg.

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