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$300 bucks if you sign up here to drive for Uber this weekend

  Driving Uber – a Great Job for Women or Men Furthermore on 5/7/2015 Uber increased invite rewards in Monterey, Carmel and Santa Cruz CA to $300! Sign up using this link: GET.UBER.COM/DRIVE/?INVITE_CODE=DO160 I will mentor you through your 20th trip and answer your question just like my friend helped me. After you drive your 20th trip eureka, […]

Incentive vs enabling

Hi Uber friends, Many people ask me to give these tips to them for free or at least one tip for free…because they have already signed up and they are only making $11 – $15 per hour. I thought to ask you my friends and especially female drivers what would be a fair exchange for this […]

What to do with naughty riders

All night drivers face at least a few generally not good pax* who scares you in some unsafe or unsavory way. Here is a trick I learned that I have yet to use but it would work and I respect it as a trick so I am sharing. Stop your car, make the rider get out. Drive 500 feet […]

Christiania, Denmark Talks

Date: Wednesday Dec 18th 2013 Dr. Frankel and Mimi Peleg speak for the Danish Association for Medical Cannabis: Christiania, Denmark http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2J7PaelhZwc Medicinsk cannabis – foredrag med dr. Allan Frankel og Mimi Peleg 18. dec. 2013

Light (up) to the nations || Can Israel blaze a trail in medical cannabis?

Governments and drug companies are loath to fund the research needed to bring the drug into general use. Israel offers ideal conditions for such research. Haaretz Date: 13.Dec.2013 Journalist:  Ido Hartogsohn Hebrew version – Mosaf Haaretz  http://www.haaretz.co.il/magazine/.premium-1.2188968 Translated to English 20.Dec.13 Haaretz (subscription is free) http://www.haaretz.com/weekend/magazine/.premium-1.564396 Images from the article: Hebrew version had this cover by צילום: […]

The success of Israel’s medical vaporizer program

Published: 2013-11-05, Updated: 2013-11-03 by Mimi Peleg The success of the Volcano Medic program has demonstrated what a handful of compassionate and entrepreneurial individuals can accomplish with persistence. Because private industry, public bureaucracy, insurance companies, generous foundations and concerned citizens were able to come together to work out solutions, sensitive patients now have access to […]