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Light (up) to the nations || Can Israel blaze a trail in medical cannabis?

Governments and drug companies are loath to fund the research
needed to bring the drug into general use. Israel offers ideal
conditions for such research.


Date: 13.Dec.2013

Journalist:  Ido Hartogsohn

Hebrew version – Mosaf Haaretz

Translated to English 20.Dec.13 Haaretz (subscription is free)

Images from the article:

Hebrew version had this cover by צילום: איליה מלניקוב:


צילום: איליה מלניקוב also kindly gave me this picture with me and Dr. Yehuda Baruch.

Czech National Television clip with Mimi Peleg, Dr. Allan Frankel and a cameo of Dr. Alan Shackelford


The success of Israel’s medical vaporizer program



by Mimi Peleg

The success of the Volcano Medic program has demonstrated what a handful of compassionate and entrepreneurial individuals can accomplish with persistence. Because private industry, public bureaucracy, insurance companies, generous foundations and concerned citizens were able to come together to work out solutions, sensitive patients now have access to advanced and affordable care.

EXCLUSIVE: Should MDMA be Legalized for Medicinal Purposes?

Shalom Life speaks to Mimi Peleg, a clinical research assistant at the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, on the effects MDMA has in battling Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Journalist: Gideon Greenbaum-Shinder

Date: October 21st, 2013 in Health » Israel

Can Ecstasy, Primarily Known as a Club Drug, Help People Suffering From Trauma?

Israeli drug trials are investigating whether MDMA can be a useful psychiatric tool in treating post-traumatic stress disorder

Journalist: Jennifer Bleyer

Date: October 8, 2013

Light-up Nation: What Israel can teach America about medical marijuana

Jewish Journal

October 2, 2013


The Medical Message Former Santa Cruz resident helps lead Israel’s state-run medical marijuana program

WEDNESDAY, 02 OCTOBER 2013 00:00


PTSD Relief in Israel Through MDMA and Cannabis Research

Tikkun Online Daily

Journalist: Mimi Peleg

Date: September 26, 2013

PTSD Relief in Israel Through MDMA and Cannabis Research

Cannabis Now The U.S. War on Knowledge

The U.S. Government attempts to supress research into the health benefits of cannabis but now an Israeli research program the U.S. helped to establish may render the war on Marijuana research mute.

Author: Jeremy Daw

Who: Mimi/MAPS

Issue 7, 2013