What to do with naughty riders

All night drivers face at least a few generally not good pax* who scares you in some unsafe or unsavory way. Here is a trick I learned that I have yet to use but it would work and I respect it as a trick so I am sharing.

Stop your car, make the rider get out. Drive 500 feet forward…or far enough so they have to walk far to get to you. Wait till they hail another Uber. It will be you. Accept. Text them and let them know it is still you. Tell them to either cancel the trip or respect your safety. If they cancel you can’t get rated by them and you get the $5 for their cancellation. If they comply you can either drive back or let them come to you and sober up a little on the way. Repeat until compliant and expect a bad rating – you were gonna get one anyway.

* Pax is the way Uber drivers refer to passengers.

An Uber ounce of prevention – carry ziplock barf bags

People always ask me to tell them the stories of the worst rides I ever had. Honestly, I don’t get a lot of bad rides but almost every weekend someone needs a zip lock barf bag. This happens so often that I wonder why Uber doesn’t actually give them to drivers. The associated: wet ones, tissues and mints also help. I carry Lysol spray and Windex wipes too. Of course we all know that if someone pukes in your car you immediately stop, take pictures and send them to Uber for your $100 reimbursement on cleaning and that that fee gets passed on to the offending rider but unless you only make $100 a night you’d better hope it happens late in the night because it ends your driving for that night unless you live in a town with a 24 hour car wash.

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